Focusing on Wellness Within Your Walls – Health, Harmony & Sustainability – Toxic Free-Living Environments

We have partnered with Symbiotic Design in creating “healthy living in the desert” homes! With their transforming architecture, you literally can sit in your living room at night under the stars! Yes, your living room can go outside with a simple voice command.

A healthy, simple lifestyle is something many only dream of. Less stress, less debt, time to relax, having a garden, exercising outdoors, eating a healthy diet, beautiful scenery and so much more. But it does not have to be a dream, it can be your reality. Nourish your mind, body and soul in the beautiful mountains of Morongo Valley. It’s a lifestyle!

Morongo Valley is a beautiful still affordable small community, but also close to all the conveniences you are used to. With the stars, mountains, wildlife and just incredible majestic views – we like to think of it as a transition to an extraordinary life. We start small by getting out of the busy life to a relaxing atmosphere, then build into the lifestyle you desire.

Within minutes there are Hiking Trails, Horse Riding, Jeep Tours, Museums, Old Western Towns, The Integratron, Wellness Studios and Spas, tons of Unique Artsy Shops and Fun Coffee Shops and Eateries. Joshua Tree National Park is about 20 minutes down the road with camping, hiking trails, wildlife and dark skies.
The climate allows for fantastic gardening, you could easily be completely off grid if you desired – but still not too far if you chose to have a day in the city.

After experiencing a weekend in Morongo Valley, we decided to call it home and we think you will too!

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